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>>…We could use well-circulated paper money as a low-cost human DNA bank.  spike


>…Simpsons did it in 1995.


>…"What do you got, the whole town's DNA on file?" 


>…"Yuh-huh. If you've ever handled a penny, the government's got your DNA. Why do you think they keep them in circulation?"



Darin, proto-pirates are these “Simpsons.”  They steal all my best ideas, but are so sneaky, they do it before I even come up with them.  


I used to watch the Simpsons back when I had TV, and found it funny.  There is some sophisticated humor in there among the goofy stuff.


I like the idea of using metal currency, for then you wouldn’t need to isolate it from the DNA in the cotton and flax.



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