[ExI] Facebook Whistleblower's New 60 Minutes Interview

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Subject: [ExI] Facebook Whistleblower's New 60 Minutes Interview

>...9 Horrifying Facts From the Facebook Whistleblower's New 60 Minutes Interview You knew Facebook was making the world shittier, but it's so much worse than you realized.
By Matt Novak 3 Oct 2021


>...Fundamentally, Haugen alleges there’s a key conflict between what’s good for Facebook and what’s good for society at large. At the end of the day, things that are good for Facebook tend to be bad for the world we live in, according to Haugen...


BillK, this is all much more understandable if you recognize the primary focus of business and government is not to help people, but rather to make money and seize power.  Business is about making money.  Government is about seizing power.  Once you understand that, everything makes perfect sense.  They don't want to harm people, they are fine with helping people.  But... it is about money and power.

For that reason I dispute the comment from the article:

“Protecting our community is more important than maximizing our profits,” Lena Pietsch {Facebook} told Gizmodo via email Sunday night.

No, madam.  FaceBook, Twitter, Fox News, well all the news agencies actually, every business is about money.  Every political party is about power.  It really is exactly that simple.


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