[ExI] Facebook 2018 changes made users more divisive and angry

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        what it is (USA)                what it shoulda been (everywhere)

        1e3     thousand        kilo
        1e6     million         million
        1e9     billion         giga
        1e12    trillion        billion
        1e15    quadrillion     peta
        1e18    quintillion          trillion
        1e21    sextillion      zetta
        1e24    septillion      quadrillion


>…Why leave out mega, tera, et al?



People are too reluctant to use those terms for money, so we continue with a terrible system where far too many people don’t know how to distinguish between a million, a billion and a trillion.


There are trillionaires in the world of course, just not with American dollars.  It seems like in a lotta ways, the US is now where Zimbabwe was in 2008.  Our government keeps insisting that 3.5 trillion costs nothing, it won’t cost taxpayers anything, except those who make over 400k and those who buy anything from corporations.  They will pay for it all, but the top line doesn’t matter because it doesn’t cost anything, we are assured.


Well…  What I perceive here is that Keynesian economic theory is being put to the test.  I have always found the Hayek school of thought much more compelling, for it predicts that 3.5 trillion in government spending costs 3.5 trillion plus interest.  The Keynesian school predicts it costs nothing.


Part of our problem is we have rhyming words for numbers that differ by three orders of magnitude.  It might fix that if we had the rhyming words differ by six orders.



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