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>…No reasonable prosecutor would take this on.  Case dismissed.


>…Objection: judicial instructions for a jury to ignore political considerations can be and have been followed, in the substantial majority of cases.  If the judge issues these instructions, they would likely be followed…



I did some searching around yesterday and found out there is no need to take the risk.  There are internet vendors which are selling religious exemption cards.  You send them a .pdf and they make an official-looking laminated card with your name, birthdate and photo, no one else’s logo on it so you don’t need to worry about legalities, the card says you have a religious exemption to vaccines.


No one had the right or the ability to know what you religion is, so… the whole process is perfectly legal and only costs about 8 bucks.


Now let’s see what happens if the governor tries to remove religious exemptions.



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