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Quoting Spike:

>> ... I have a card, but suppose my friend doesn't and refuses to get the 
> vaccine for reasons irrelevant to me

>...Sounds like your friend wants to have her cake and eat it too. She has
the right to not get vaccinated but others, including employers, have the
right to shun her because of it...

Or she is afraid of the vaccine but wants to keep her job.

> >...

>...This scam has been tried. Black market price for fraudulent vaccine card
in the article is $150 - $200.


Ja.  But the religious exemption card sales are perfectly legal and only
cost 8 bucks.  Of course the latter-stage saint would need to be tested
weekly, but she would be immune from being fired.

>...Seems kind of overpriced for a ticket to a lottery where the prize is a
slow death choking on your own phlegm, if you ask me...

Ja me too.  I would recommend the vaccine too, but some will not take it.  A
second resort would be to get an 8 dollar religious exemption card.

>>... Let's go back to the teenage junky for the sake of argument..., so she
shows up at the local free vaccine clinic four or five times a
> day.

>...Spike, this scenario of yours sounds incredibly wasteful in world  
where unfortunate countries are begging for vaccine...

Ja, but of course the unfortunate countries are irrelevant from the point of
view of the teenage junky, who thinks of herself is living in an unfortunate
country, or an unfortunate person living in a fortunate country.

>...Of course, Big Pharma would have probably not have taken the huge  
effort to research and develop the vaccine in so short a time without  
the guaranteed windfall of such a huge government subsidy...

The development effort was done under a huge government subsidy.  Notice
none of the drug companies have bothered even trying to get FDA approval,
for that would require a huge investment of their own resources.

>>... But let's go yet another way... Any speculations on what happens if
someone gets 100 of these vaccines?

>...In small doses, nitrogen mustard is a chemotherapy drug that can help  
cancer patients. In large doses it is a weapon of mass destruction  ...

I agree it would be dangerous probably.  But I can also imagine someone
hoping to convince the masses to go forward with 2 shots by showing a person
can survive 50 of them.

>...I can't believe that the debate over public health has been hijacked  
by party politics...

Agree it is tragic indeed.  This is a crisis that really should have been
let go to waste.

>... I think of functional sewers and vaccines to be  
public goods worth paying taxes for no matter what party you are.  Stuart

It is indeed a tragedy of our times.  Both the teenage harlot example and
the altruistic dartboard example have nothing to do with politics.  One is
profit motive, the other is to encourage the masses, neither take into
consideration less fortunate countries still facing supply problems.


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