[ExI] Superheroes without superpowers

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Fri Oct 8 17:29:24 UTC 2021

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> On 08/10/2021 17:08, Tristan Linck wrote:
> > I will say looking in a Bat-direction will not prove fruitful on this
> > particular question
> Weeeeel, that's not entirely true, either...
> (at least where the music's concerned)

OK, I do feel a little bad that I forgot about the bat connection on that

> Come on, it's not that hard. You just need a musical instrument, the
> tiniest ability to read music, and to have been alive (and listening to
> contemporary music) in the early 1970s.

In my defense, both the music and the bat were before my time. Turns out
you don't even need to have been alive at the time!
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