[ExI] a different kind of bat cave

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from the NYT -   bill w

10. And finally, when you go to the loo, a bat might go boo.

In Tanzania, the spaces under certain pit latrines have become cozy havens
for roosting bats. A new study found that pit toilets have everything a bat
could want
moist air, warm and temperature-controlled conditions, and protection from
predators that cannot crawl through the drop hole.

Leejiah Dorward, a postdoctoral researcher at Bangor University in Wales,
began to survey the pit toilets in 2017, using a precarious photography
method. He later taped a small mirror and flashlight to angled aluminum
rods, allowing him to count all the bats, which clung to the wooden bars
that held up the concrete slab covering the hole. His suspicions were
confirmed — the older the latrine, the more bats to be found.
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