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>… The value of a Ukrainian worker's labor 6 months earlier, placed in a store of value, did not suddenly become 37 times lower than e.g. the equivalent labor of a Polish worker, just because the Ukranian government made some stupid policy decisions and emonstrated itself to be nontrustworthy… Darin





Hi Darin, hyperinflation makes winners and losers.  For instance, there are Ukrainians who labored and struggled and saved for years or decades, they are old and tired, then suddenly their carefully horded savings are washed away in a flash flood of inflation.  They became completely dependent on their government for survival.


But my newlywed friends from Ukraine in 1993 had no savings and both had freshly-minted PhDs in particle physics from the U of Kiev.  Their careers stretched out ahead of them.


With nothing to hold them in bankrupt Ukraine, they left and went to work in Europe, bouncing around here and there, accumulating wealth and remembering the lessons learned in the Ukrainian hyperinflation.


My son’s friend was born in 2006.  Both mother and son had medical problems.  The free medical system in the country where they lived nearly killed them both.  When he was age 2, his father took a temporary duty on the east coast in the USA.  He loved it here, so he asked his bride to come over.  She did, with no intentions of staying.  


Her version of the story is that he took her out to a restaurant, got down on one knee and proposed they move to the states, which was far more elaborate a proposal than he had made when they became engaged.  His sincerely exceeded anything she had seen in their 12 years of married life.  She didn’t want to stay, but (according to her story) it was the best steak she had ever tasted in her life (she is a foodie (and a most excellent cook.))  She reluctantly agreed to stay.  They were naturalized a few years later and moved to California where their son started school.


Now, she and her husband are merit badge counselors for our scout troop, where they teach Citizenship in the World.  They are a most unique couple who have traveled the world extensively and have lived under communism, socialism and capitalism.





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