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Dan my bride loves to be referred to that way.  She calls me her man, so OK, she’s my bride.  It works for us.




That’s fine, though I keep thinking you’re a time traveler from the 19th century. ;)







Wouldn’t it be wicked cool to be a time traveler from the 19th century?  Can one even imagine what a mind-blower that would be?  Every day the fortunate traveler would see things that would cause such delightful astonishment as to be nearly debilitating.


If it helps, I could add that I was mostly raised by my grandparents, born only 3 and 8 years into the 20th century, but both were definitely of a 19th century mindset, both definitely retro in their own times.  It is entirely possible that some of my values are based in their ways of thinking.



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