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Yeah, it's a very rosy answer in some regards but a few really good points
are made.   bill w

China does not behave like a typical dictatorship and seems to be a lot
more calculating and smarter than existing democracies. What could be the
reason behind this?

China has a unique political system never before seen in human history.
It’s an amalgam of authoritarian rule and democracy firmly based on

The system serves the people, not the other way around. The system serves
at the pleasure of the people. If it doesn’t deliver the goods, the system
will be overthrown. This is Chinese democracy.

This collectivist philosophy states that “if you do right by me, I let you

Combined with a millennia-old meritocratic system, the Chinese enjoy a
responsive, stable, and efficient government.

Because it’s meritocratic, you don’t get imbeciles for national leaders
like Donald Trump, Justin Trudeau, Boris Johnson, Scott Morrison, Jair
Bolsonaro, etc.

Because it’s meritocratic and authoritarian, you get intelligent, long-term
policies with no compromises.

Because it’s authoritarian, you get efficient execution of government
policies without interruption from partisan bickering and regular elections.

This system has worked exceedingly well for over 30 years. That’s why China
became the world’s largest economy in just 30 years, starting as a totally
impoverished nation!

That’s why China has the finest infrastructure of roads, bridges,
high-speed rail, airports, etc., the envy of the world!

That’s why China practically eradicated extreme poverty. It was 90% in
1980, and it’s nearly 0% today. A billion people were lifted out of poverty!

That’s why China enjoys over 90% satisfaction and support from the people!
(Western countries typically have less than 50% support.)

That’s why China accomplished all of this without warfare (because the
people don’t want war)! Contrast this with the United States, and Great
Britain before them, and France before them, and Spain before them, and
Rome before them.

I can’t think of another country in history that has achieved near world
dominance, near total citizen support, and near global peacefulness.
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