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That depends on which sense of "better" you mean.

I can certainly imagine a world in which infectious diseases were easier to

Or one where one of the primary duties of the United Nations was to offer
world leaders education and resources on how to rule more effectively - and
most new world leaders took advantage of it.  This includes every serious
US President candidate who got past the primaries - any that had not by a
couple months after the primaries was seen as non-serious, or at least
incompetent, and thus lost enough support to matter - and similar for other
democracies.  More importantly, it includes most newly appointed dictators,
though it might take a few years to convince them (long enough for them to
transition from caring about getting into office to caring about staying in

I can also imagine space habitats where floods, earthquakes, and the like
simply do not happen, and the environment is designed for maximum human
habitability.  There may be nature preserves in other, attached habitats,
for humans to visit when they wish, but a growing population simply
constructs more space for people to live rather than settling whatever
formerly-wild lands are convenient.

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> Is it possible to even think of a world, a physical world, that is better
> than ours?  What would it look like?    bill w
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