[ExI] question not being asked in Alec Baldwin shooting

Stuart LaForge avant at sollegro.com
Sun Oct 24 13:17:35 UTC 2021

Another important question is why were there live rounds on a movie  
set the first place? Social media has been big with the comparison to  
Brandon Lee's shooting on the set of the Crow. But in that case, it  
was a full-charge blank that dislodged a bullet stuck in the gun from  
a previous misfire.

For comparison, here is an excellent documentary about the bizarre  
chain of circumstances that led to Lee's shooting.


If the Halyna Hutchins case does not contain a similarly strange  
string of unlikely events so as diffuse blame and negligence over so  
many people as to make indictment impossible, then SOMEONE ought to be  
charged with a crime.

Stuart LaForge

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