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>… In fact, if their membership didn’t have its share of those, I’d seriously there was something weird about NRA members — over and above the ‘normal’ stuff I’d expect from any Right wing group…


Dan by identifying the NRA as a right-wing group when its clearly-defined goal is to protect gun rights, equates rights-wing with right wing.  That implies that left wing is anti-rights wing.  The 2nd amendment is a right, which predated the US Constitution and government.  It is not subject to negotiations or re-thinking.  The US right wing does not own civil rights.


>… (A close friend opines that this is because Baldwin isn’t well liked for his support of Woody Allen in the later’s sex scandal. …Regards, Dan 


That’s the first I ever heard that the Woodster had a sex scandal.  Was that something about he married is niece or something?  I heard she wasn’t a genetic relative, and besides that, Woody’s comedy schtick was really all about his sexual dysfunction, so I wouldn’ta followed that anyway.


The reason why there is burning animosity toward Baldwin is because of his Twitter commentary against the NRA and his comment that the 2nd amendment was a law that should be rethought.  Rights are not laws.  They pre-date law.  Rights are not negotiable, which is why the Constitution has those right up front, not as permissions but as acknowledgment of rights.


It is dangerous indeed to imply that the Bill of Rights can be rethought or legally infringed.



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