[ExI] Does the Star Trek transporter kill people?

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Fri Oct 29 13:33:20 UTC 2021

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>> Cool so if Kirk beams down with a big steaming pizza in his hand, it 
> isn't considered wasting food.
> spike
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>...The transporter must be copying *everything* inside the transport
cylinder shape... otherwise no objects like clothes, weapons, etc. ...

COOL!  Brilliant idea BillK!  Gentle pacifist (like me) invents a
transporter which cannot transport weapons!  Or... anything so... Lieutenant
Nine, please report to the transporter room, oh hi there Miss Seven, please
stand here next to me, SCOTTY!  Let er rip, me lad!

And so on.  So peaceful, no weapons... or... anything...

>... as the inventor could fill the world with copies of him/herself. Not a
problem for Spike, of course...BillK

Oh BillK, think of the fun we would have.  All of me.  We would be a hoot,
more fun than a barrel of monkeys.  Especially if we could work together,
start with the boring old Star Trek transporter and build... the PACIFIST t


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