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I have a fun story for you.


I was surfing around on the internet, found this medical study of some kind
that was being done by some grad student or other, volunteers needed, so.
being the dumb trusting sort, I signed up.  A few days later, at my door
shows a young woman dressed as Gunilla Goodbody from HeeHaw only more so
(Note to the young: HeeHaw was made back in the early 70s when people still
had a collective sensa huma.)  It was too early for trick or treats, so I
inquired if she had the wrong address and the local bachelor lived next
door.  But she was from the medical experiment/study for which I signed up.
She looked like she would burst in both directions at once and still have
two or three directions left over.


I know this all sounds like I am setting you up for a joke, but this really


She claimed to be a nurse and was there to draw blood for the experiment or
study.  Being dumb as a dog turd, I went ahead with it, while my bride
looked on with dismay.  Afterwards, I realized she was right: real nurses
don't dress like that.  Furthermore, a bad actor could take those six vials
of blood, kill someone, sprinkle my blood at the scene, DNA would result in
the constables bashing down my door in the night while simultaneously
crashing the doors of my brother and all six male first cousins.  Like a
fool, I didn't take any photos to prove the whole incident happened, or for
identification purposes or to prove my innocence, etc.


Some time passed, no constables, I forgot the whole thing.  The study people
were supposed to follow up with me periodically but never did, no phone
call, not even a postcard.


That takes us up to. today.


I went to Stanford get my blood test for my annual checkup.  She says: You
signed up for a study.  You may back out, or consent to give six extra vials
of blood today.  I told her I didn't recall ever having signed up for such a
study.  She queried if I live at 2425 Fairview Drive, I replied no, I
haven't lived there for 29 years.  She said: OK I will update that.  I
inquired regarding with whom I had signed up and when.  Answer: Stanford
Medical in October 1991.  I responded this would be impossible for I had
never seen a doctor before 1995 which was the first time I had set foot in
that hospital.  She said this study would likely have sent someone to my
residence, apparently 2425 Fairview.


Ah.  So.  That's what that was.  I resisted the urge to inquire after the
nurse who collected the sample.  My fear was that she is now not nearly as
impressive as she was in those days when I was younger than I am now.


I asked (30 years after the fact) what the study was for.  Answer: it was to
correlate DNA with changing numbers for vitals.  I gave them the six extra
vials today.


Lesson: don't surf the internet.  Or if so, don't sign up for mysterious
medical studies, then move away shortly afterwards.  Or if so. take photos
of whoever they send to collect the samples, if for no other reason than to
be able to post entertaining images to one's online friends or for any other
purpose one might imagine.



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