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> > But clearly it is not time travel
> So Adrian, are you saying that FTL flight wouldn't involve time-travel?

Einstein's special relativity says that If you travel FTL, some
legitimate observers would see you arriving before leaving. Therefore,
according to many scientists, you can't travel faster than light.

Quantum entanglement doesn't seem limited by the speed of light
(experimental fact) but many scientists are persuaded that quantum
entanglement can't be used to send signals (or things, or people) FTL.

There are examples of paradox-free time travel to the past.

Time will tell. I guess both FTL travel and time travel to the past
will be possible at some point. We are still babies in the universe.

> I thought that under certain circumstances it would (specifically FTL travel to a location that was accelerating away at a significant rate relative to the point of departure, then FTL return. I think). Or is there no problem, and it's just the simple fact that nothing with mass can travel at, or faster than, light-speed that stops us being able to do it? (and tricks like Acubierre Drive, if it could exist, would work without causing paradoxes)?
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