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> Adrian, Moore’s law only applies to the cost of the electronic device, not to the cost of getting any device qualified for use as a medical instrument.  The cost of med-qualification has risen dramatically and continues to rise, as the cost of the device drops to an insignificant fraction of the price tag.
> Best way around that: make sure that the device itself cannot alert or trigger an alert to the actual people who can be there first and help the most.  See to it that it only alerts those who will go into a useless panic and run in chaotic circles.  Then we can afford the device.
> If Moore’s law drove the price of the watch all the way down to free, we still couldn’t afford one which was med-qualified.
> spike
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That claim sounds odd to me. It is the model that is certified, not
every device. If Fitbit are selling 10 million devices each year, the
med qualification cost can be covered by only adding a small amount to
the cost of each individual device.


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