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Adrian, Moore’s law only applies to the cost of the electronic device, not to the cost of getting any device qualified for use as a medical instrument.  The cost of med-qualification has risen dramatically and continues to rise, as the cost of the device drops to an insignificant fraction of the price tag.


>…Perhaps it is not entirely Moore's Law.  Better amortization - the ability to distribute such one-off costs among more units - has also lowered the per-unit costs.  (This is one of the economic advantages of a larger population.)



Under medical certification rules, every supplier must have periodic inspections and proof of compliance.  This compliance costs way more than manufacturing the devices.


To demonstrate what deep sacrifices I am willing to make in order to demonstrate a point to my own internet friends, I chose to endure weeks of pop up ads trying to sell me an endoscope by Googling on fiber optic endoscopes.


Back in the 90s, the consumer-level endoscopes showed up and we bought one for our lab at the Lazy L ranch.  The packaging was cram full of warnings that the device was NOT medically certified, that you MAY NOT use to poke it up your rear because it IS NOT MEDICALLY CERTIFIED, nor to use it to look down your damn throat because it is NOT certified for that use (but if you do those things with it, don’t do them in that order.)


Well hell, of course we wanted to look in those places, but knowing that we all wanted to use it for that, we never did the latter, not because it lacked medical certification but rather because we didn’t know where that endoscope had already been.  We did see the term “endoscope” however, and there was little doubt in anyone’s mind which end it was named for.  


I wore two pairs of surgical gloves while poking it up mine.


In any case Adrian, I make such sacrifices for young people today such as you, for I consider you worth the price of enduring endless ads.  It’s all for you, my young friends!  I google on consumer devices so you don’t have to.


Consider below, the result of the sacrifice that I made on your behalf.  The electronics in these devices are similar but the ones with MEDICAL anywhere in its name will have an additional percentage tacked on.  In some cases that percentage can have four digits:




There is of course an easy solution: get a 20 dollar snake inspection endoscope and use that instead, because… um… there might be a snake up there somehow dontchaknow, camping trip, snakes don’t really have noses, so they wouldn’t know that isn’t the place to get out of the cold.



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