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>>…We could create an app to alert the next of kin in a heart emergency, but not to alert anyone likely to be of any real assistance, for that would put the device in a new and unaffordable category. spike


I was looking forward to finding out how my Apple watch and my 

iPhone could partner and call 911   Now you say it can't be done?

  bill w



Billw do let us know please if you are successful sir.  My speculation is that you will find that neither device can be set up to do so, for neither have medical certification, which is good in a way, for otherwise you wouldn’t be able to afford either one.


I have found the FitBit watch to be a marvelously useful device.  It can tell when I am sleeping, it knows if I’m awake for instance.  They can (to some very limited extent (and even tell if one has been bad or good (so be good for heaven sake (well not technically HEAVEN sake (but rather for the sake of avoiding a call from one’s alarmed bride (with a comment such as “You are home alone except for whoever’s car is showing on the security camera, and your watch just altered me that your pulse is way up.  Stop what you are doing and dial 911 forthwith, request emergency medical services to keep you alive until I arrive with your goddam COFFIN, you cheating WRETCH!”)))))


Shown below is an example of a FitBit watch logging time slept.  I was exhausted yesterday after working my butt off with an eagle scout project.  I have checked the accuracy of this thing a number of times by noting the time I hit the hay and when I got up.  It isn’t med certified, but it works just the same, as do those 20 dollar non-medical “ENDoscopes” for I verified there are no snakes hiding up there.










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