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> Hal took the idea that a number could be worth a pile of money, then somehow worked out a way to harness it to blockchain to establish ownership of that number, perhaps Hal using some of his Hal magic, and a few years later, BitCoin was born.  I never bought into the notion because I didn’t see BitCoins as discovering anything of any mathematical significance.  It merely generated a buttload of money for the owner.  Hal never let us in on how many billions of dollars worth of BitCoin he owned, but he wasn’t active much on ExI by then.  He told us in about that time frame that he had ALS.  Hal perished in 2014.

Well I really hope Hal was a Bitcoin billionaire (at today's exchange)
and his family is now enjoying his deserved wealth, perhaps also
supporting some worthy causes. Here's to Hal!

> spike
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