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>...While we were debating that, Robin created an actual legal real-money version of Ideas Futures, which still exists, even though most of that migrated over to a dozen copy-cat sites.  The Robin could legitimately hoover-up all those IDF play-money bucks from people who bet against him.

>...All that happened right in the timeframe where I think Hal, Robin, Wei Dai and Nick Szabo were cooking up BitCoin, and I believe they (collectively) are Satoshi Nakamoto.  spike

I missed two players in that offlist discussion group who I shouldnta: Shasha Chislenko and Robert Bradbury.  Those two and Hal are no longer with us.  Hal is in the dewar at Alcor.  Robin is an economics professor at George Mason U, blows into town occasionally.  I lost track of Nick and Wei Dai.  I haven't seen an ExI post from either of them in years.  Anyone here know where they landed or are in contact?


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