[ExI] Constitution and Bill of Rights now "Harmful" !!

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That's not specific to those documents.  The National Archive is putting
that alert on all its documents, document group pages - everything it has.

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> Quote:
> The intolerance sweeping through our country has become so mindless
> that it repeatedly ends up being completely insane. It now appears
> that the website of the National Archives, which is also tasked with
> preserving the originals of the Declaration of Independence, the
> Constitution, and the Bill of Rights, automatically places a “harmful
> language alert” on all three.
> <
> https://behindtheblack.com/behind-the-black/points-of-information/todays-blacklisted-american-the-national-archives-blacklists-the-constitution-and-declaration-of-independence/
> >
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> Might be a bit worrying if modern Americans are so sensitive that they
> can't read the Constitution or the Bill of Rights without getting
> offended at the language used.   Maybe rewrite all that old
> out-of-date stuff to suit modern delicate sensibilities???
> BillK
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