[ExI] Constitution and Bill of Rights now "Harmful" !!

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Tue Sep 7 21:50:09 UTC 2021

Have to agree. A label to the effect of “you’ll probably be offended” is an excellent way to undermine a neutral interpretation. 

SR Ballard

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>> That's not specific to those documents.  The National Archive is putting that alert on all its documents, document group pages - everything it has.
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> That doesn't improve matters - it makes the situation worse!
> First, it is a signal to modern readers - Get ready to be offended and
> disapprove of USA history.
> Second, It is a suggestion to rewrite history to conform to
> current fashionable beliefs.
> Third, Let's unperson anyone who still agrees with these ancient documents.
> Fourth, It reduces the value of these old documents by inferring that
> they are outdated and no longer suitable for our modern society.
> Rewriting history like that makes it disappear from current consciousness.
> BillK
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