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William Flynn Wallace foozler83 at gmail.com
Fri Sep 10 21:48:05 UTC 2021

Most of our ancestors were illiterate.  Few people in history had
opportunities to show what they could do if educated (women especially -
some primitive places, though technically developed, have atavistic
attitudes towards women).  How many potential geniuses never had a chance?
Most.  What is so great about the world today is that in developed
countries, at least, few potential geniuses are overlooked.  I think this
is way up there on the list of things modern societies have done for their
people.  Education here in MS is the biggest expense for state government.

Spike and I keep saying how great the modern world is.  Access to food, to
medicine, to shelter - these are the basic things that have improved.

But letting minds roam free to develop has to be next in line to those
basics.  Some great minds are still missed - some of those are late
developers, and some appear average or worse for one reason or another.  I
say that like some Western European countries, our country ought to offer
free education to everyone through college, though not for everyone (maybe
some tests have to be passed at upper levels, like as in Russia (a point I
would like to discuss)).

It's a great time for great minds to be alive.  bill w
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