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>…None of that is of the slightest concern to the administration.


>…Indeed, whether or not the regulation is ever even enforced before being blocked by the courts is of, at most, only minor, comparatively abstract intellectual importance to them.


>…It has already accomplished everything it needed to: it energized the far left base, and sucked all the oxygen out of the room from the Afghanistan story…  Darin




Hi Darin,


Our small town has a weekly 24 page newspaper that comes out on Fridays.  Today’s paper had a page and a half story on a local guy who settled here about 5 years ago.  He went back to Afghanistan to visit his dying mother.  His return flight was scheduled for 15 August, which turned out to be one day too late.  


Long story short, he was repeatedly beaten by Taliban social workers, his 8 yr old daughter was separated from him and severely traumatized, the family of 4 managed to get out 8 horrifying days later clinging to the metal floor of a military C5 rather than belted into the seat of a Boeing 767.  Hey at least they were leaving, and they were on the inside of the aircraft.


Now the US government is telling us just today, that the US State Department stopped Afghan flights into the USA because four cases of measles were discovered on board.  They couldn’t risk importing a disease for which nearly all Americans are immunized, while allowing immigrants not vaccinated against Covid into a country where over a third of the citizens actively and enthusiastically refuse Covid vaccination.


Or… the US State Department wants to avoid the kinds of stories our local newspaper ran this morning.


The vaccine mandate may have sucked the oxygen out of the Afghanistan story, but those kinds of articles are giving it CPR.  This isn’t going away.





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