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"Our algorithm identified the perp (when we asked it to determine if this image was more likely to be the person we already wanted to convict, or a lamp post)." 


>…Yep. Or take the fuzzy perp shot, let an AI identify possible matches from a photo DB like driver's license pics, and train an AI to enhance the fuzzy photo to look as much like the desired suspect as possible. Use that to get a judge to sign off on a search warrant.





Hi Dave, 


While seeing the obvious dangers with misuse of the technology, consider what it can do.  The software wouldn’t look thru the database of drivers licenses, for (in the USA) that would constitute illegal search and seizure, forbidden under amendment 4.


But looking thru mugshots would be fair game.  When one is convicted, some civil rights are forfeited forever.


As with many of these kinds of technologies, they cannot be used as evidence in court, but can be used to lead the constabulary to the right group of former felons and parolees to start their inquiries.


If it is any help, consider what Britain is wrestling with currently.  They have video cameras all over the place, way more than here in the rebellious colonies.  This is perfectly legal in Englad, for outside their own castle is public domain, so the public safety officers can (and do) watch all that using video and recordings.


Recently a BLM leader Sasha Johnson, was at a BLM party in the London area.  They were actively advocating abolition of the police force.  Four guys came in there and shot her in the head.  No one knows what happened to her after that, but the video allowed the constables to apprehend the four.  To the surprise of no one, they pled innocent.


There were approximately 300 present at the rally to abolish the police.  None will testify.  Traditionally in Jolly Olde, an eyewitness testimony is required to convict.  The video is only used to nab the perps, which it did.  300 potential witnesses at the party, not one willing to testify, perps plead innocent.  Case dismissed for lack of evidence?  We shall see.  Video alone traditionally cannot be used to convict in Britain, and that is one country which takes tradition very seriously.


BillK is invited to comment, for he is one of the lads from England.



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