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>…Well then, let's urge our government to adopt the Swiss model. I'll bet that's your all-time favorite government attitude towards guns.   bill w



I counter-suggest The US government adopt the US model.  The second amendment is my all-time favorite attitude towards guns.  The best part: it is already the law of the land.  I urge the US government to embrace it.


To carry my previous comment about the National Guard a bit further: I have no objection to the National Guard.  Our local mayor is a member.  I am a big fan and supporter.  But US National Guard only has about 440,000 members and it is dependent upon the government, whereas the American militia is estimated to have around 60 million and is not dependent.  


That 60 million doesn’t even count its many allies who have aged out (such as both of us) and women, who are not in that count of the legal definition, but they can shoot straight too.  Shooting is one of the very few sports where ovarian women can compete on an equal footing with men and testiculated women.  It is the only sport like that I know of.  Any others? 


Furthermore… the militia doesn’t depend on funding or salary as the National Guard does.  It arms and provisions itself, independent of government support.  This is by careful design.





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