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>…The people who stormed Congress believing they were upholding freedom and the Constitution called themselves a militia and qualified as such…


Some of them were part of the militia, others were not.  That some called themselves A militia tells you what you need to know.


>… according to the definition you gave…


I gave the legal definition of the militia (singular.)  Private definitions are irrelevant to me.


>… It was only the women and older men among them who did not qualify.


Stathis Papaioannou



Irrelevant.  The reason we have the militia (singular) is to protect the USA from any group of people calling themselves a militia or militias (plural) as well as any other bad actors.  We, the militia, are many, and we are well armed, which is why I wasn’t the least bit concerned about the people who stormed congress.


The people who stormed the capital were not armed.  The cap police were armed.  That should tell you something.  There were two fatalities: one protestor was trampled, another was shot by capital police.



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