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>> Let's not be grammar nazis.
> No going, "Heil Webster"? :P
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>From Merriam-Webster -------

Even if you despise comprised of and have made it your life's work to
expunge it from the writing of others, chances are very good that you
never approached the level of dedication exhibited by the Wikipedia
editor who, over a period of years, deleted tens of thousands of uses
of comprised of from that website (in addition to writing a 5,000 word
explanatory article).

It seems safe to say that few of us have this level of animus towards
any particular use of a word. Many people see nothing wrong with
comprised of, although they still might feel apprehensive about using
it, given that there are others who so strongly object to its use. If
you are one of these apprehensive writers of comprised of we can offer
you the following words from our Dictionary of English Usage:

Our advice to you is to realize that the disputed sense is established
and standard, but nevertheless liable to criticism. If such criticism
concerns you, you can probably avoid comprise by using compose,
constitute, or make up, whichever fits your sentence best.

:)  BillK

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