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>>…OK so, now the dogs chase, that was fun, now... the batteries start to run
down.  How do I get my car back?




>…How fast can a large canine sprint? And how speedy is an RC car like the one shown? I was surprised at how easily it could outpace the dogs. If I had the resources of an Elon Musk, I would commission the design of a "RoboCat!"  ;  )  …


I had a doberman decades ago: I guaran-damn-tee he coulda caught that car.  Oh that son of a bitch was a fine athlete.  Then the new race would be getting it away from him before he punctured the lithium battery.  We already know what happens if you don’t.  Alligators are expendable, cold blooded bastards, but it would break my heart if this happened to my beloved dog:







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