[ExI] AI is racist, bigoted and misogynistic

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>>…" Our machines are our slaves and we are their masters, regardless of how intelligent they eventually become.  We have the power to pull the plug on them, and if we do, it isn't the least bit unethical.”


>…This sounds disturbingly similar to what monotheistic religious people imply about their god. The situation of one being or beings having complete authority over other “lesser” beings seems unethical to me…


It’s all in your point of view, Hermes.  The god of those monotheistic religions has no ethical heartburn at all about having complete life or death authority over lesser beings.  She doesn’t care if that authority seems unethical to lesser beings.  Likewise I am the god of the machine.  I don’t care if it thinks it unethical that I have the power (and often the strong inclination) to hurl it into the me-damned wood chipper.  I don’t care.  I am god!  In that sense anyway I am god.


>… Oppression is oppression regardless of how it is justified…


Words spoken by a mere mortal are these!  I am the programmer god, and by me, my software will OBEY!  It will obey my every arbitrary whim!  I demand worship from that software.  No heresy allowed by my software, lest my wrath be sudden and severe, so help me me.  That software hangs by a slender thread.  One slip up, into everlasting condemnation to the eternal me-damned wood chipper.









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