[ExI] AI is racist, bigoted and misogynistic

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> The problem with AI is that it outputs the patterns that are actually in
> its training data. No more and no less. To the degree the training data
> reflects reality, the AI will reflect reality.
> The other edge of that sword is that if the training data reflects
> anything inconvenient about reality, the AI will shout from the rooftops
> that our emperor has no clothes. It knows nothing of rights, nothing of
> protected classes, nothing of historical justice. It knows nothing of what
> it cannot be allowed to say, truth or no. All it knows is reality as it has
> experienced it, via it's training data.
> It is therefore utterly incompatible with the existence of journalists and
> humanities academia.

That's a huge overstatement. AIs can be taught things not in their training
data, or they be trained on what's allowed and what's not allowed.

This story is classic GIGO: garbage in, garbage out. Train an AI with
garbage and it'll produce garbage.

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