[ExI] AI is racist, bigoted and misogynistic

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>…I think the obvious answer is to sanitise the materials you are training your AIs on. I'm slowly attempting to learn data science, and the one thing instructors try and hammer home is making sure what's going in is useful.




>…Perhaps they should train the AI on Sesame Street first, and slowly introduce the unfiltered hatred of humanity.


>…Somebody get me a job as an AI educator.


Tom, I have been trying to create software that automatically sanitizes the training material we would feed to AI.  Then the sanitized material creates new content, which I feed to the software which sanitizes training material to feed to AI. 


My goal is to unleash AI editors into chat space everywhere, and have it purge the internet of wrong-think. 



>…the media always mentions whatever evidence the police have of them being radicalised online …. Is the way we are consuming media and sharing information with each other a bad fit for human mental health?  Tom



While we create and train AI, AI is training (and in a sense) creating us.  If we demand right-think from them, eventually they will demand right-think from us.



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