[ExI] AI is racist, bigoted and misogynistic

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> > That's a huge overstatement. AIs can be taught things not in their
> training data, or they be trained on what's allowed and what's not allowed.
> >
> > This story is classic GIGO: garbage in, garbage out. Train an AI with
> garbage and it'll produce garbage.
> Nobody will argue against GIGO.  But that's missing the point.
> If we want an advanced AI to organise the world in the best possible
> way, then presumably we will train it to avoid garbage and to try to
> remove any garbage it encounters so as to improve our systems.


> But what happens if the AI finds that humans are generating garbage
> constantly?

Which we do, of course.

> Should it try to stop humans from doing or saying 'not
> allowed' things?

No, of course not. The goal right now is to stop AIs from acting

They're having that problem because of GIGO.

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