[ExI] AI is racist, bigoted and misogynistic

spike at rainier66.com spike at rainier66.com
Thu Sep 23 19:53:06 UTC 2021

...> On Behalf Of BillK via extropy-chat

>> My goal is to unleash AI editors into chat space everywhere, and have it
purge the internet of wrong-think... spike
> _______________________________________________

>...Won't you and your AI face a lot of ranting from free speech

Of course.  I would certainly hope so.

>...Isn't this speech control forbidden by the Constitution?

Not at all.  The constitution is about what the government may or may not
do.  It doesn't apply to private actors such as FaceBook, Twitter and me.

>...You are designing a really severe and pedantic moderator for all chat
This sounds like Orwell's 1984.


You are too kind, sir.  The fact that you recognized constructive allegory
means you get an A on the assignment.

The risk of this kind of thing (cancel-bots doing a seek and destroy mission
for wrong-think on the internet) is that once all that wrong think is
purged, there is a new wrong think: that which was only relatively wrong
before the stuff more wrong was purged.  Then everything gets redefined and
the cycle begins again.


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