[ExI] Is AGI development going to destroy humanity?

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I cannot seem to find a way to search for AGI without getting 'adjusted
gross income'.  Is there a way?  Just what is AGI?   bill w

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> Subject: [ExI] Is AGI development going to destroy humanity?
> MIRI announces new "Death With Dignity" strategy
> by Eliezer Yudkowsky       2nd Apr 2022
> >...
> <
> https://www.lesswrong.com/posts/j9Q8bRmwCgXRYAgcJ/miri-announces-new-death-
> with-dignity-strategy
> <https://www.lesswrong.com/posts/j9Q8bRmwCgXRYAgcJ/miri-announces-new-death-with-dignity-strategy>
> >
> >...(This article doesn't appear to be an April Fool's joke. Eliezer seems
> to have reached the conclusion that AGI development is going to
> destroy humanity.   BillK)
> Quotes:
> >...It's obvious at this point that humanity isn't going to solve the
> alignment problem, or even try very hard, or even go out with much of a
> fight.  Since survival is unattainable, we should shift the focus of our
> efforts to helping humanity die with slightly more dignity...
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> BillK
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> BillK, this article is classic Eliezer.  We have known him personally since
> we first met him at a local Foresight Institute conference when he was 18,
> which has been 24 years ago.  He is far more convinced than most of us that
> unfriendly AI will destroy humanity.  He made a number of converts to that
> view, including some bright stars on ExI, however I am not among them.  I
> am
> very impressed with his talent and writing skills, his analysis and so
> forth, but I have reasons to doubt the notion of unfriendly AI destroying
> humanity.
> I am eager to discuss the notion in this forum, as we did extensively in
> the
> 90s, for we have a lot more data now, including a critical one: that BI
> (biological intelligence as opposed to artificial) has tried software
> weapons of mass destruction and are trying it constantly, however... we are
> still here, stubborn survivors insisting we are getting better:
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jdf5EXo6I68
> as some clearly talented AI experts continue promoting their own plausible
> theory, like Ann Elk.
> I can see bigger threats to humanity than runaway unfriendly AI, but none
> of
> these threats will destroy all of humankind.  In all of the grim scenarios
> I
> can easily foresee, most of the African continent survives.
> spike
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