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If you get in the water, retrievers will try to herd you to land.   bill w

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> >...An opposite (but equally disastrous) option is when the AGI is
> programmed to love humans and decides to completely protect and care for
> humanity. So no human evil is permitted, no killing or violence, even
> verbal
> violence. Just quiet and complete care.
> There are so many ways an AGI could end humanity.
> BillK
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> BillK when I read that I was reminded of how different dog breeds take to
> humans.  Some really just make lousy pets, such as Alaskan sled dogs: they
> just want to pull something, they don't want to be petted.  They would
> prefer you keep your paws to yourself unless hitching up a harness.  Some
> dogs just want to guard things.  If anyone takes anything, including the
> garbage collector, they lose their damn minds.
> Retrievers... heh.  Most of them just loooove their peoples.  In their
> simple brains, all humans are good.  They cannot understand the concept of
> a
> bad human.  Perfectly useless as guard dogs they are.  Any thief they have
> never smelled can just walk up and start hauling your stuff away, the
> retriever appears to assume that is perfectly natural.  He is just
> retrieving something so he can throw it, so I can go get it.  What's wrong
> with that? etc.  sheesh.
> So puzzling: if you had the brains of the Doberman, the retriever, the sled
> dog in a jar, all three look identical.  But they are just somehow
> programmed completely differently.  Hard to say why that happens.
> I can imagine plenty of examples of malicious software that would far
> predate anything like artificial intelligence.  That sounds like a far
> bigger threat to me: something that would gum up commerce.  We saw what
> happened in the USA when normal commerce was only partially clogged by a
> biological virus.  Since that started, how often have you used paper money?
> Me neither.  Imagine how bad it could get if credit cards suddenly didn't
> work.
> spike
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