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No offense man but anyone interested in life extension should not be
putting Marie Callender's pot pies in their body more than very rarely.
Plus you might be surprised how easy it is to cook a much tastier pot pie

@William: cook food and freeze it.  Get a flat top freezer.  Local farms
often sell cheap good meat.  Homemade breakfast sausage is easy to make and
freeze a month's worth of in a few hours

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>> I have had occasion to buy some frozen dinners lately and my judgment is
>> that the fillings are sparse - really very little chicken or other meat.
>> Tastes are good, but these are not good values - so far.
>> So I wonder if any of you know of brands that are more full of the meat
>> advertised (Yeah, I could add some), or are all of them ripoffs?
> I have had good experiences with Marie Callender's pot pies.
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