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> This is not to say that we couldn't create an AI that had pathological motivations and no capacity to change them, but I think the fear that any intelligence explosion inevitably or naturally leads to unfriendly AI is overblown.
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One big problem is that some humans (with huge resources) don't want a
friendly AGI. They want to design a weapon to fight their wars on
their behalf. Sure, in theory, if the AGI ever gets to superhuman
intelligence it might become a peace-loving hippy AGI, but the
directed weapon stage AI means that much of humanity will be destroyed
by then.
See: <https://www.theverge.com/2022/3/17/22983197/ai-new-possible-chemical-weapons-generative-models-vx>
AI suggested 40,000 new possible chemical weapons in just six hours
‘For me, the concern was just how easy it was to do’
By Justine Calma      Mar 17, 2022

Also, as I mentioned, even if the benevolent AGI decides to design a
heaven for humans it will need to considerably redesign humans so that
they want to live in the impeccably designed heaven. The end result
might not bear much resemblance to present-day humans.


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