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 Adrian’s law: The first thing humans do with any powerful new technology is to make a sexual device or partner from it.

Spike’s law: The second thing humans do with any powerful new technology is to make a weapon from it.

>From this silliness I am amused that you seem to suggest that our first priority is pro- creation before destruction.  I guess in some way there's hope. :)


While i am a creation enthusiast,  i have not spent the requisite 10,000 hours to consider myself a "pro"





Eh, Mike, if my level of silliness is higher than normal, it is my coping mechanism: we had a death in the family Friday.  I am taking it better than the others, because I knew it was coming and prepared myself whereas the others (his children) were deep in denial.


I recently posted a link to a Nova program on addiction.  I viewed every minute of it and paid close attention because the family member who passed was an addict (of sorts.)  It wasn’t drugs that hooked him, it was eating.  He ate himself into the ground, dug his own grave with his spoon.  He knew what would happen, said so out loud in my presence.  He didn’t want to die, but he just couldn’t stop overeating.


So I have been pondering the matter, thinking about (and doing actual research) on addiction, not just drugs but including that, and perhaps Will is surprised to hear I did actual online research on LSD.  That did give me a new outlook, so it was worth my time, for it explained about how that particular substance was used to help those addicted to other things, such as heroin and alcohol.  Well OK then.


The whole addiction to overeating thing is something I have never understood, but I have heard from people who suffer from it and since they know what it is, I will take their word for it: they just can’t stop overeating.  This particular case was even worse, for he was severely type 2 diabetic.  But the sugar cravings were so overwhelming he just couldn’t stay out of it, even knowing it would wreck him.


Adios uncle, you are gone but never forgotten.  On we go.



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