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>..Spike, on the advice of my doctor I began to use half decaf half caf.  It tasted the same and it had no noticeable effect on me (I suspect bowel movements would be more difficult - nope).  Then I went to 3/4 decaf with the same result.  It does have an effect on blood pressure.   (coffee without sugar -undrinkable)   bill w





Billw, sugar is bad for the teeth.


Enjoyment of food is embedded deep within the psyche and we don’t really know how it works.  I started with sugar in the coffee, but sometime in my teens phased it out, most likely from running out of sugar and still wanting coffee, finding out it was good without.


Decaf: some joker at the office (not me this time, a different joker) started slyly mixing decaf with the regular and keeping it in the regular can, so no one knew he was doing it.  Over a number of weeks, he kept making it lower and lower caffeine until we caught his ass.  I was on travel when the whole thing came down, but the office people were not amused with his antics.  We estimated the cost to the company in lost productivity and wrote him a bill.  He didn’t pay.





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