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> >… waking up from a dream inside another dream … Mike
> Mike the big problem with this is that it is easy to count the number of
> times you wake, but difficult to know for sure how many times you went to
> sleep.  For this reason, the number of doze-offs can be one or more greater
> than the number of wakes.  Consequently you can never be completely sure
> you are woke now.
I don't know if the dream is multitasking in another apartment of the
simulation or one of the many worlds that disappears in a puff of math when
nobody is left to dream the dream.  I would like to know if there is any
way to exert influence on the math.

And suddenly I hear an echo of a past post predicting psy will not be
proven in any reviewed publications this year,  same as last, same as
next...  :)

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