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>…Spike - Some years ago I saw a study where the average doctor knew only seven drugs fully:  all their effects and side effects.  When I get a script I Google it and find out for myself.  Many doctors prescribe pills because that's what the usual medical practice is, and are afraid if they don't.   bill w



OK but here is where I was going with it.  Imagine a long-married older couple who quarrel a lot but are mutually dependent in multiple ways, so on they go.  Wife goes to doctor, who suggests SSRI, serotonin reuptake inhibitor, Zoloft for instance, she takes it, realizes makes her a generally more agreeable person.  But her husband is still an asshole, so she gets an idea.  Since she cooks for the bastard every day, she gets her doctor to prescribe more, then uses her own pills on him by grinding and putting them in his greasy fried breakfast where he would never notice the taste.


A doctor won’t do that, but a weary and beleaguered wife might.  Now the husband is getting medications he doesn’t know about.  Does he get the same effect from it?  And what if… she likes what it does and starts giving him more than she takes?  Then he gets religion.  Uh oh, too much.  Now she stops.  Does he apostatize?  How he hell does that work?







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When someone believes they are taking a medication but it is really an inert pill we know it is called a placebo, and notable benefits (or harm) is placebo effect.


The opposite would be if someone is given a genuine medication without their knowledge.  Does that have a name?  Sure I know it is unethical as a medical practice, but I am imagining this happening in families where the perpetrator is not a doctor.  I am also thinking about if a doctor tells the patient only part of the story on a medication.


















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