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It's not my 'model'. It's what is done in all of experimental psychology.
Any study can be criticized for not measuring the right thing. In other
words, people can disagree with your definition in the study.  For
instance, by saying that the Stanford Binet doesn't really measure
intelligence. But the point is:  they do know exactly what I mean.  They
can take my materials etc. and repeat my study because my definitions of
terms are objective.

In everyday life we use terms that are probably broad enough that various
interpretations of them can be made, and we don't know which one is
correct.  Operational definitions solve this problem.  bill w

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>> Mike I did not give up because I was right (did I have willpower?).  See
>> my latest post of a few minutes ago.  If you cannot objectively measure
>> willpower or any other concept, you cannot do valid studies.
>> Many people would be happy with 'gut feelings' as a definition of
>> 'intuition'.  Do you see how that fails in every aspect to give us a way to
>> measure it?  bill w
> Yeah.  I see that words fail in almost every attempt I make to convey an
> idea.  I now believe words are not finite and tangible mental objects...
> they're clouds of probabilty that we agree (more or less) have good-enough
> central tendency to be usable to direct each other's attention. In a social
> context "conversational" use of words does not require the type of
> definition you are trying to apply.  I suspect even if you did pursue this
> five nines precision of "willpower" we could as easily reject your starting
> premise and that completely undermines the expressive power of your model.
> I am often challenged for how I react to meaning I have for words that
> weren't actually being sent/intended by the speaker. Ex: people say "mad"
> when they mean "angry" - do I respond to what is said or what was meant?
> tl;dr "words are hard"
> And this oldie but goodie:
> https://i.redd.it/f9vdbp4pl3721.jpg
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