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> As regards the subject of this thread - making recordings that can be used to let you live on as an AI - I'd say we're more at the Hero of Alexandria stage: the basic concept has been worked out, but some of the underlying technologies are still missing, so any current attempt to implement will come out as, at most, a toy version, far lesser than the full vision.
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Another article talks about what the future Metaverse might be like .......

Stumbling Toward The Metaverse
By Fred Phillips | April 15th 2022


The real world – the physical world, the meat-and-veggie world – is in
trouble. Nuclear proliferation, pandemic, climate change, you know the
list. As computer capacity and A.I. make for ever more detailed
metaverses, will we use them to escape reality – playing in NFT
patches of “unreal estate” while reality crumbles around us, fiddling
while Rome burns – or will we use them to save the world?

Plenty of folks will take the first choice.
The useful multiverses will be the great-grandchildren of SimCity,
allowing massive simulation of sustainability strategies in urban and
rural milieux in varied ranges of climate zones.

Artificial intelligence will help us comprehend the
multi-multi-dimensional data and sims, so we may make the wisest
possible decisions. If well designed, the metaverse and its A.I. will
support decisions that combine each user's head, heart, and gut, with
the whole-person perspectives of diverse other users.

So the Metaverse could become a video game for amusing ourselves to
death or a constructive tool to help redesign our physical world.


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