[ExI] I salute Elon Musk, Captain of Spaceship Earth!

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>>… Ja.  But there are more than two sides.  Musk is African American and a libertarian (oh what a fine example of a libertarian is he, the modern John Galt.)  spike

>… he’s hardly a John Galt.  Dan


### Is Musk a "scion of a wealthy family"? Did he step his way up the financial ladder via dipping into the tax fund?  Rafal 




This is what Elon actually said:



Rafal, people appear to be second-guessing Musk’s intentions and then arguing against the intentions they assigned to him, in flat contradiction to what he actually said.  When people do that, I judge the detractor as contradicting what Musk actually said.  I believe he means what he says.  So… detractors are arguing against the notion that free speech is the bedrock of a functioning democracy, arguing against making Twitter better with new features, arguing against increasing trust, against defeating spam bots, etc.


Think about that.  The detractors attack the man for perfectly irrelevant reasons, assign him motives based on speculation, ignore his actual words.  I still haven’t seen a single sound argument against the intentions clearly outlined in the comments Musk actually made.  It looks good to me.  Can anyone find something bad in there?  What?


Fun aside: if Elon-haters inside the company wanted to destroy 44 billion dollars in Musk-wealth, could they not just block everyone?  They have about six months, the estimated time to close a deal that size, to completely destroy the value of the company.  They could burn the place down on their way out the door.  


I don’t know how software configuration control works in media companies.  Anyone here know?  Is there some kind of lock-down procedure?  If they were shadow-banning, is there a way to un-ban and cover their tracks?  Or can Elon go back and figure out if the conspiracy theory is true?  It would be interesting to see if they really shadow-banned anyone who suggested that covid-19 originated in a research lab in China.



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