[ExI] Is Artificial Life Conscious?

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>> I recently posted this question recently to the everything list
>> <https://groups.google.com/g/everything-list/c/Ga8KWzjM_dk>, but I know
>> many here are also deeply interested in the topic of consciousness so, I
>> thought I should post it to this group too. My question was:
>> These "artificial life" forms, (seen here
>> <https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLq_mdJjNRPT11IF4NFyLcIWJ1C0Z3hTAX>),
>> have neural networks that evolved through natural selection, can adapt to a
>> changing environment, and can learn to distinguish between "food" and
>> "poison" in their environment.
>> If simple creatures like worms or insects are conscious, (because they
>> have brains, and evolved), then wouldn't these artificial life forms be
>> conscious for the same reasons?
> I think whether ALife forms are conscious or not depends on their physical
> implementation.

Hi Giulio,

What do you think are the necessary aspects of a physical implementation
for there to be a consciousness?

Is the physical implementation relevant for simulated rather than robotic
Alife forms?

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