[ExI] Is Artificial Life Conscious?

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> I appreciate your thinking and questions on these topics. They're deep and
> lead to some of the most fundamental and relevant questions of our time.

What you explained of type and token reminded me of class and object in
computer science.

I have considered this consciousness question,  but it feels like requisite
enabling technology is still lacking for us to be able to convey meaning.

AI seems like a useful tool inasmuch as it helps us determine where to look
next for clues.  It'll be even cooler when a conscious-seeming AI joins the
discussion with novel insights.  :)

A cube can cast a shadow that is a square.
A cube also casts a shadow that is a hexagon.

Consciousness is a higher dimensional construct casting a lower dimensional
shadow that we're trying to understand much as Plato's cave dwellers.
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