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>> I’m planning on moving to Europe soon. Which countries in Europe do you think are the most libertarian friendly? I had planned on going to Portugal because of generous economic incentives, but I am open to others as well especially if the culture is more aligned with libertarianism.
> ### Switzerland. Traffic tickets are completely fascist but otherwise you are being less pushed around by the state than in the Eurostate. Plus, you get to have a gun, assuming you somehow became a citizen.

My understanding is Swiss citizenship is not easy to obtain — unless one of your parents has Swiss citizenship or marrying someone who does. There’s still a process to go from immigrant to citizen, but it’s long (a decade, I believe) and there are no guarantees. (If Hermes is already a citizen of an EU member state, then it’s somewhat easier.)

I recall some of this from my interest in PT — permanent travelers. Switzerland was amongst the harder nations to obtain citizenship. There are some Commonwealth states where you can practically buy your way in at a pretty low price. And a Commonwealth passport opens a huge range of places many of which are anglophone — if that matters.

My understanding also is Swiss gun laws are fairly liberal, so even non-citizens can obtain firearms legally. They’re pro-gun like Karl Marx.


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