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>…  Has any country practiced true Marxism?    bill w




No.  True Marxism is impossible.  Reasoning: Marxism has been attempted multiple times, at the cost of untold suffering and loss of life.  It has failed every time.  The Marxists can be counted on to tell us the reason it failed was that it was not true Marxism, for Marxists refuse to accept that the notion is fundamentally flawed.  Conclusion: true Marxism is impossible.


I have a variation on it however, which I think is possible.  It isn’t true Marxism but I think of it as the libertarian version of Marxism.  It doesn’t even need a Czar or dictator or central government or compulsion of any kind.  It works like this:  To each according to his need, from each according to his ability, up to each to decide which is which. 



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